Who We Are

Starting business on a small scale can be useful for many reasons which are as follows:
  • Less investment
  • Be your own boss
  • Less work load
  • Less manpower required
  • No profit sharing
  • Gain market know how
  • Right of freedom
Small business advisory services are helping small businesses grow themselves in a better way. Years ago, it was not so easy for small businesses to avail line of credit. People usually have enough only to invest in their business but they lack money for day to day expenses. Line of credit solves this problem. The confidence level of an entrepreneur may be low in the beginning, but with the help of an advisory firm he is able to discover the untapped.  Business advisory also helps small businesses and entrepreneurs with the problems that they face.
Problem solving:  
  • Advisory services may cater the following problems:
  • Financial
  • Banking
  • Sales & Marketing
  • IT
  • Administration
Small Business Advisory Services  also provide consultation via coordinators who advise and help with problem-solving skills. A group of 3-4 professionals conduct a meeting with the entrepreneur and get a know how about his business and the problems associated to it. They plan a roadmap about how to solve the problem. By the end of the meeting the entrepreneur feels a bit relaxed and is somewhat sure that he will be able to overcome them. After this meeting, a follow up Is held with him until the plan of action is executed. They are available for their client if he has any queries regarding the implementation of the plan. The process does not stop with the gradual success of business. They stay in touch with their clients so as to help them stay focused and to avoid any mismanagement in future. Instead of taking all the stress, it is better to hire advisory services for small growing businesses.